We at SCSI are equally committed to make your transaction experience secure, safe and convenient.
Towards this, we have introduced - TPIN (a Telephone Pin Identification number) for your Trading Account!

TPIN is a simple 4-digit number that is unique and confidential to you when used in combination with your Demat ID. TPIN will have to be validated once during the day for placing trade orders with your RM/ customer care executive at SCSI.

TPIN is to ensure that only the person authorised to place trades in your account is doing so. TPIN behaves like your ATM PIN which is necessary to authenticate the user.

Key Benefits

  • Safe and Secure transaction
  • Quick and Easy Access
  • Much faster and convenient when compared to a manual verification of the customer
  • Prevents unauthorized access to your account

How to use TPIN

As and when you wish to trade with us, your RM will guide you to an IVR which will prompt you to key in the last 14 digits of your DEMAT account (provided above), followed by your TPIN. Since the TPIN is very confidential and known only to you, when used in combination with your Demat ID, it helps the system authenticate you immediately and help proceed with trades. Hence it is important that you do not share your TPIN with anybody.

We understand your requirements; hence you would not be required to use TPIN every time you call up to trade. You just need to validate your T-PIN once in a day and the same validation would continue till the end of the trading session.

How to generated TPIN

  • A separate PIN mailer consisting of your TPIN will be sent to you on your registered address.
  • If you wish to modify the TPIN and replace it with a number of your choice, you can either call up your Branch RM or the customer care at 1800-209-2550
  • After verifying the credentials, the RM/customer care executive will guide you with the TPIN generation.
  • For your convenience, client code would be the last 14 digits of your registered Demat ID. Request you to please keep your Demat ID handy while generating your TPIN

Please note: You will not be disadvantaged by asking your TPIN if you wish to speak to your dealer for any non-trade related services/market updates.

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