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Our trading website has been designed keeping in mind your varied needs. With an easy-to-use interactive interface and easy navigation, trading is a breeze. So kick start your investment journey ranging from equity and derivative trading (stock and currency), Mutual Funds, IPOs to Bonds and Debentures.

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To trade through your website, all you need is your user id and password and your are all set to go and explore the different aspects of investments

  • One Time Activation Code: One Time Activation Code (OTAC) is a onetime password which is sent to you once you are on-boarded.


With a host of services at your finger tips, Standard Chartered's online banking is the best in class. Have a look at the features of this amazing service.

Investment Strategy

Get a world class 24x7 access to our research report and trading recommendations from our Investment Strategy Team. Our IS team comprises analysts who are ranked among the top sector analyst in India by Institutional investors, covering the major sectors.

Portfolio Tracker

With SCSI's portfolio tracker you can now track your equity as well as non-equity portfolio which includes MF, Bonds and Debentures, which offers you a powerful tool to access and monitor all your investments.

Fund Transfer

Transfer funds from your SCB savings account to your trading account in a click of a button. The fund transfer also allows you do an intersegment transfer, where you can transfer funds from Cash to FNO and vice-versa.


You can place trades online for most of the stocks listed on NSE and BSE. We offer various options to place stock orders.

  • Delivery based Trading: Place delivery based orders for most of the stocks listed on NSE and BSE.
  • Intra-day Trading: Execute margin orders upto 3 to 4 times of your available funds. This facility is available for select group of stocks listed on NSE and BSE.

You can pursue a wide range of Futures and Options trading strategies with speed and ease. We deliver the support, information and structure that quickly let you spot potential opportunities and act on them fast.

Currency Derivatives

A new investment opportunity from Standard Chartered Wealth Managers for all Resident Indians.

Currency Derivaties are standardized foreign exchange contracts traded on an exchange to buy or sell one currency against another on a specified future date. The contracts will be traded online through the order-driven market mechanism, quite similar to equity derivatives.

Mutual fund

We offer access to more than 500 mutual fund schemes from leading fund houses. These funds provide broad diversification and cover a range of investment objectives, philosophies, asset classes and risk exposures. Trades may be placed via the Internet or the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system.


Initial Public Offer presents exciting opportunities for gaining high returns on your investments. We have made investing in IPOs hassle free. All that is required is "Buying Power" and rest is at the click of a button. No paperwork. No queues. Get information on IPO news, forthcoming IPOs and a lot more on Offline customers can invest in IPOs through our branch net work.

GOI Bonds

Fixed income securities can help reduce your risk within an investment portfolio while providing a steady stream of income over time. Currently you can choose to invest online in GOI bonds. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, possibly improve your tax efficiency and/or reducing your risk exposure, you may want to consider making fixed income securities a part of your personal investment strategy.

Instant Password

Get your password instantly through our "One Time Password" features. All it takes is to answer 2 of the secret questions and get your OTP on your registered mobile number.

Value Added Services
  • Online Query Resolution: With our "Quick Mail" tool you can send in your queries online Digital contract notes and summary of transaction: Upon logging-in your online trading account, view your digital contract note and summary of transactions.
  • My inbox: Maintain records of all important notifications related to your account.
  • Interactive demo:A step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process of investing online through website

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