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  • Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited is a leading broking company that helps retail investors with their capital market investment requirements.

    At Standard Chartered Securities, we aim to offer simplified investment solutions that provide long-term value to our customers. We offer products such as equity and derivative broking. Our retail division caters to online customers, offering products such as equity and derivative broking, depository services, mutual funds and fixed income instruments.

    We have a dedicated team of research analysts who work independently to provide investment and trading recommendation to our customers. A network of relationship managers and customer care executives offer efficient execution backed by indepth research and expertise to customers across the country. We have a large network with pan India presence in 8 locations through 9 branches.

    Standard Chartered Securities is registered as a trading and clearing member with Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE). The Company is also registered as Depository Participant with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) as well as National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

    Standard Chartered Securities is part of the Standard Chartered Group, an international financial services group that offers a variety of financial services including Consumer Banking, Wholesale Banking, Corporate Advisory, Capital Market Services, SME Banking, and Private Banking. Standard Chartered PLC, listed on the London, Hong Kong and Mumbai stock exchanges, ranks among the top 20 companies in the FTSE-100 by market capitalisation. The London-headquartered Group has operated for over 150 years in some of the worlds most dynamic markets, leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

    The Standard Chartered Group in India is also represented by Standard Chartered Bank, Indias largest international Bank with 99 branches across 42 cities. To know more about Standard Chartered Bank, India, click on www.sc.com/in. To know about Standard Chartered plc, click on www.sc.com.

    Our History

    Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Limited (SCBM), which acquired the company from Securities Trading Corporation of India (STCI) over 2008-2010. Prior to the acquisition, Standard Chartered Securities was known as UTI Securities Limited (UTISEL).

    On August 23, 2007, SCBM agreed to acquire UTISEL from STCI in three tranches. As a part of first tranch, SCBM acquired 49% stake in UTISEL on January 11, 2008, after which, the name of the Company was changed from UTISEL to Standard Chartered-STCI Capital Markets Limited w.e.f. January 17, 2008.

    SCBM acquired further 25.9% stake in the Company on December 12, 2008, as a part of second leg of the transaction and increase its total stake from 49% to 74.9% in the Company.

    As a last part of the acquisition, SCBM increased its stake to 100% in the Company by acquiring the residual stake of 25.1% from STCI on October 08, 2010. Consequently the Company became the wholly owned subsidiary of SCBM and was re-named Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited.

    GST Registration Number for Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank in India is the country's largest international bank with 99 branches in 42 cities and India is one of the Group's key markets worldwide. Employing about 19,000 people, Standard Chartered Bank has played a significant role in the history of the banking industry in India since opening its first branch in Kolkata, 150 years ago, on 12 April 1858.

    Standard Chartered Bank considers India to be one of the prime economic opportunities of the 21st century and is proud to be so strongly positioned here. We have ambitious plans to transform our business in the country and to further expand our operations in India.

    On 11 January 2008, Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Limited acquired 49% stake of erstwhile UTI Securities Limited from Securities Trading Corporation of India ( STCI). Accordingly, the name of the Company was changed from 'UTI Securities Limited' to 'Standard Chartered - STCI Capital Markets Limited' with effect from 17 January 17 2008. Subsequently, on 12 December 2008, SCBM acquired further 25.9% stake in Standard Chartered - STCI Capital Markets Limited to increase its total stake in Standard Chartered - STCI Capital Markets Limited from 49% to 74.9%.

    To know more about the Standard Chartered Bank (India), please Click Here

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