FAQ'S - Online Payment : Standard Chartered Securities (India) Ltd.

1. What is this online payment solution?
Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited Depository customer can pay their DP dues online in a secure and convenient manner through Credit Card, Debit Card and Internet banking account
2. Can I make an online payment for DP Dues from any credit card /Debit card/ Net Banking.
Yes you can make payment for DP Dues from any credit card (Master/Visa)/ Debit card and Bank account available in the Net Banking option on the website.
3. Can I make payment for Trading Debit from credit card/Debit card/Net banking from online payment option
No you can’t make payment for Trading Debit from credit card/ Debit card/ Net Banking through the online payment option.
4. On which website can the payment get executed?
In order to use Online Payment solution, you need to visit the Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited website which is and visit the ”Pay DP bills online” menu available on the left hand side . .Alternatively, you can access this page directly through The payment page (snapshot provided below) would open up, where in, you need to fill the mandatory details. As a part of the process you will be redirected to the Bill Desk Website and the Payment Gateway to authenticate the Payment. Please note that these web pages are secure and you can enter card number and other details on these pages. Screen shots of the same are below
5. What are the details that are required to be entered to execute the payment?
On the First form fill the following details
Step 1: Select Payment for as "DP Bill Payment"
Step 2: Select Depository you are registered with (NSDL or CDSL) and fill in the Demat & Beneficiary account number
You can identify if your account is NSDL or CDSL basis your DP bill / DIS Slip.

For CDSL accounts, your bill will carry the BOID as 12015800XXXXXXXX
For NSDL accounts, DP ID is mentioned separately as IN300360 and Client ID : XXXXXXXX

Hence if your Bill shows a BOID beginning with 12015800, then select "CDSL" radio button,
Your DP ID is automatically populated as 12015800; Fill in the Client ID as the last 8 digits of your BO ID.

If your bill states DP ID as IN300360, then select "NSDL" radio button
Fill in DP ID as IN300360 and the Client ID as mentioned in the Bill.
The same is elaborated separately below.

Step 3: Click show dues to view the current outstanding
Step 4: Enter amount you wish to make payment for
Step 5: Select the “Terms & condition” check box post reviewing it. Step 6: Click "Pay Now"

You will be redirected to bill desk, where you can proceed with the payment method of your choice - Credit card, Debit card or internet banking. You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway of your Bank account, to authorize your transaction. If the payment goes through successfully, your bank account is debited instantaneously
Screenshot - The Bill Pay page:
Screenshot - Sample of DP Bill - CDSL:
Screenshot - Sample of DIS Slip - CDSL:
Screenshot - Sample of DP Bill - NSDL:
Screenshot - Sample of DIS Slip - CDSL:
Screenshot - Transaction acknowledgement on successful debit:
6. Can I make part payments through BillDesk?
Yes, this functionality allows you to make a payment for the amount of your choice. You may choose to make a part payment or full payment.
7. When will my bank account be deducted?
Your bank account will be deducted immediately after the transaction. If you have insufficient funds in your bank account or if the Net Banking login fails, the transaction will not go through successfully and in such case the transaction status will be displayed as Failure,
8. Is there a cap on the number of payments that I can make in a given month?
No, there is no such cap on the number of transactions that can be made by you. You can make any number of payments that you choose.
9. Do I need to make payments separately for each of Demat Account?
Yes, you will need to make payments separately for each of Demat Account. The amount you choose to pay will be credited only to the valid Demat Account number that you have entered.
10. Will BillDesk be adding more banks to existing list where this service will be available?
Yes, BillDesk is in the process of integrating with more banks.
11. How long does it take for the payment to get applied to the Demat Account?
The payment will be credited to your Demat Account within 72 hours from the payment
12. What if I experience a Transaction failure, but the amount has already been debited from my Bank Account or credit card account?
We request you to wait for 3 days and then call the Customer Care number to check if the Payment has been applied to the Demat Account or not . Please quote your transaction reference number when you call the Customer Care. If your transaction does not reflect in our system (please note that it means that Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited has not received the funds), we will initiate a reversal of the amount back to your bank account through Billdesk, upon your confirmation. Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited will forward the request to BillDesk, Billdesk in turn will forward the reversal request to your Bank, all within 24 hrs. Kindly get in touch with your account bank if the credit does not happen within 5-7 working days.
We strongly advise you to note down the Transaction Reference Number which is stated on the confirmation page, irrespective of the transaction being a success or failure. Pls check screen shot below to note where the transaction reference number appears.
13. What if I don’t remember/ have not noted my Transaction reference number?
If you do not quote your transaction reference number, we will not be able to identify your transaction in the Bank’s system, but we will be able to forward your service query to Billdesk if you provide details like transaction amount, transaction date and card number to which you have made payment. We will get back to you on your query, once we receive a response from Billdesk, Please note: It will take additional time to process a reversal into your bank account if you do not have your transaction reference number
14. Will I be getting a unique transaction ID for every payment that I make?
Yes, for every transaction, you will receive a unique transaction reference number which should be quoted in all interactions with our Customer Care in the event of any issues with the transactions getting applied to the Demat Account.
Please note you will get a transaction reference number for rejected transactions as well.
15. Do I need to pay a Fee for the online payment facility through Billdesk?
No, this is a FREE Service provided by Standard Securities (India) Ltd
16. Is my transaction being carried out securely?
Every transaction on Billdesk is carried out with utmost security through SSL technology (VeriSign secure) to encrypt data such that it cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals.
17. Do I need to register to Billdesk to make my credit card payments?
It is not necessary to register to Billdesk to make Dp Dues payments. You can choose to make payments to your Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited Demat Account through Billdesk anytime and from anywhere without registration.
18. Do I need to open a new bank account?
No, you can make payments using any existing bank account, but you will be required to know your Net Banking login details of the bank account you choose to make payment from.